Finally, an easy way to control your Family Budget

By seeing how you spent your money, you’ll be able to better manage your monthly budget.

How it will help you

You already know your family expenses. How much you spend on bills, cellphone, car, groceries, and housing cost. Based on your math, after taking care of all your monthly expenses, you should have some money left at the end of the month. But for some reason, you’re barely able to make it to the next paycheck. You’re doing what you can. So where is your money going? Don’t worry, we’ll help you to find out.

Set Realistic Monthly Family Budgets

Set Realistic Budgets

By seeing your real spending behavior you’ll be able to discuss with your family and together set a more realistic budget.
Track Your Monthly Family Spending

Track Spending

You’ll be able to keep track, your weekly spending and immediately see how you’re doing against your set monthly budget. This will allow you to change behavior before it is too late.
Stop Money Leaks on Your Family Budget

Stop Money Leaks

Smaller casual spending that go unnoticed are the ones that mess up your budget. Here you’ll be able to see.

How it works

Create account and upload CSV file

1. Create account and upload CSV file

Once you have your first CSV file from your Chase or Wells Fargo online bank account, you’re ready to create your account. All you’ll need to enter is your name email and password. That’s it. You’ll be able to try the service in seconds. Make sure you write down your password.

See breakdown of what you spent

2. See breakdown of what you spent

Here you have to assign a category to each of your transaction. The categories you assign to the transaction will be used to show you a summary of how you’ve been spending your money. Don’t worry if you don’t select to right category. You will be able to change it any time.

Set your monthly budget

3. Set your monthly budget

Last, you’ll assign a monthly budget for each transaction categories . Actually you don’t have to assign to each single transaction. You can skip a transaction if you think you’ll not need it. Also, you can change this any time if you which. So don’t worry if you’re not yet sure what amount to put.